The first 3-star guesthouse in Norddeich

The Pension Strandkorb is a relatively new accommodation with twelve double and one single room. It was opened at Easter 2007. New, contemporary furniture in bright, friendly rooms are just as natural as modern bathrooms. Everything in a Mediterranean flair.
Since July 1st, 2016, the house has been managed by the new couple, Doreen and Wilhelm Bernhard Dülm (Immobilien-Träume GmbH).

Many guests say that our house has the quality of a hotel, which is meant as a compliment. That honors us and yet we do not use the term because we do not offer essential elements such as restaurant and room service.

"Pension beach chair - ecological cleaning & hygiene - allergy-friendly"
Since the 2022 season, the "sustainability idea" has been more in the foreground in our house. For this purpose, we rely on the so-called "micro dry steam technology" for the daily cleaning work throughout the house. "Micro dry steam" at a temperature of over 180°C and 9 bar pressure ensures a 99.999% reduction in germs and removes the breeding ground for germ growth and does not require any expensive, chemical and aggressive cleaning agents, as only water is used. With this cleaning concept, we want to protect particularly the allergy sufferers among our guests as well as our employees.

But otherwise …It’s best to judge for yourself.

The best reference: guests who come back and make recommendations. Take a look at the reviews that our guests have submitted to HolidayCheck. In addition to the natural friendliness that prevails in this house, we offer some exceptional services.

Take a look for yourself under Service (Prices section) and convince yourself of our unusual offer.

questions and answers

How far is the pension from the beach/dyke?

Our house is about 350 meters behind the dike. Behind it stretches the bathing beach, the outdoor pool (currently closed), the Drachenwiese and the guest house.

Can we cater for ourselves in your home?

You can always make tea, coffee in your room. Dishes and a microwave are available (only on request) for the preparation of meals. You can also use the fruit basket provided free of charge.

Do you offer drinks?

Drinks are available in the house at reasonable prices, which are settled upon departure.

Can we store bicycles with you?

Yes. You will find a lockable bicycle shelter, our "Pedal-Huus" completed in 2017 (incl. 10 sockets for charging the batteries of the e-bikes).

Can we also borrow a handcart from you?

Yes very much. Our house has 2 foldable wagons (including instructions). If necessary, just talk to us about it.

Can we bring our dog?

We opened in March 2007 and already in the second season we have had some experiences on this topic, which unfortunately were not only positive. We have therefore decided to no longer accept dogs.

What is special about the Pension Strandkorb?

The house is like a hotel, so the guests say, could well be called Hotel Strandkorb and even deserves 4 stars, as is said again and again.

It is more than just accommodation, with a remarkably varied breakfast, garden with sunbathing lawn, bicycle shelter, parking lot at the house and extremely friendly hosts.

What distinguishes a guesthouse from a hotel?

There are probably three essential aspects: The "Hotel Strandkorb" should have a restaurant, room service and a continuous reception. We don’t offer this, but otherwise our house could call itself "Hotel Strandkorb", although many guests say it doesn’t meet these requirements.

Why don’t you call yourself Hotel Strandkorb?

For one, see above. Second, we want to be honest. The term "hotel" is not protected, but if we were to call ourselves "Hotel Strandkorb", one or the other guest could be disappointed as soon as they entered the house and the holiday would start badly. That’s why we prefer to call ourselves "Pension Strandkorb" than "Hotel Strandkorb".

Be careful!
We would like to point out that our house has two cats.