Our garden

A special feature is our patio.It is particularly popular with groups.

Set a little lower, protected by hedges and palisade walls from the wind and the looks of passers-by, you can chat comfortably here.

From the lawn, you can see far into the East Frisian landscape.But you can already see the Ocean Wave, a wave pool that invites you to visit.

A new “highlight” in our guest garden is the “Hollywood swing”, newly built in 2021, including a roof.Here you can literally “let your soul dangle”.

In the gray box on the terrace, our guests will find, among other things, cushions for a wide variety of seating and lying areas in our garden.

Questens and answers

Can we also get loungers for sunbathing from you?

These are of course ready for you.

Is the property fenced?

No, but we planted a dense hedge of wild roses (unpleasant thorns) to mark the boundary.