The “Ocean Wave” pool with its surrounding attractions, such as the seal sanctuary, children’s playhouse, lawn mini-golf course or candle-making workshop are within sight of our guesthouse.

In the immediate vicinity of our pension you will find the public facilities and offers of the beach.From there you can see the port where the ferries to the islands of Norderney and Juist dock.

Dörper Weg, the “tourist mile”, is very close by and offers shops, restaurants and cafés.

Holidays in Norddeich can be very varied because the surrounding area offers a lot.A number of interesting museums that can only be found here are part of it, as is a day trip to Greetsiel, the traditional fishing village.

Day trips to the islands of Norderney and Juist are possible from Norddeich.A sightseeing flight over the islands and the North Sea coast can be just as eventful, starting from the Norddeich airfield.

Other excursions such asB. to the Eternal Sea, a mudflat hike, a ride on the steam engine, long bike tours or sailing on the East Frisian canals, a trip on a fishing cutter, or, or, or…


Lütetsburg Castle

The moated castle of Lütetsburg is about 10 km away16th Century.With its 150 different types of plants, the adjoining castle park is one of the largest and most beautiful in northern Germany and is a landscape architectural delicacy for strollers: 30 hectares of mature design and one of the very few surviving early romantic parks on the entire continent.

Moor-Museum (25 km)

Opened in 1984, the moor museum in Südbrookmerland has become a hit in the region.This “museum for the poor” shows the deprived history and the life of the people in a moor colony.Opening hours:Beginning of spring to October 31, daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the premisesVictorburer Moor 7 A in 26624 Moordorf, telephone 04942 / 27 34

Greetsiel (20 km)

A day trip to the well-known, lovingly tended fishing village is simply a must when you are on holiday in Norddeich.The ships in the harbour, which extends into the village, the nostalgic cobblestones and the lovingly prepared houses with their beautiful facades always create a good atmosphere.

Art Gallery Emden (35 km)

In 1986, the founder of “Stern”, Henri Nannen, built a house for his collection of 20th-century art in his hometown of Emden. His passion for collecting gave rise to an extensive collection with a very unique profile. Collection and exhibition activities made the Kunsthalle in Emden a popular destinationfor art lovers from all over Germany and neighboring countries.Behind frame 13 in 26721 Emden,Info phone: + 49 (0) 49 21 / 97 50 0 Phone: + 49 (0) 49 21 / 97 50 50

Meyer Shipyard Papenburg (80 km)

Papenburg is the cradle of many dream ships – the Meyer shipyard builds luxury cruise ships in two huge halls: the ocean giants can be almost 300 meters long and more than a dozen stories high.From the visitor center you can follow the ships from bow to stern;Shipyard experience in widescreen format!Industriegebiet Süd 1 in 26871 Papenburg, telephone 04961 / 814300

Leaning Tower of Suurhusen (30 km)

Coming from Emden shortly after the end of town on the left side, clearly visible from the main road.Back (to Emden) of course on the right.The news was and is a real sensation for East Friesland, which resulted in enormous press coverage.Suddenly the whole of Germany – no, the whole world – is looking at East Friesland.The record has been official since November 8th, 2007.

The Eternal Sea near Holtriem (19 km)

The boardwalk laid out in the early 1980s on the north side (the south side is inaccessible to tourists) of the Eternal Sea is enjoying increasing popularity.It can be reached in a few minutes from the parking lot.The tour is about 1.8 km long and there is a lot to see.

Great sea near Südbrookmerland (19 km)

The Great Sea with its reed-lined shores has a very shallow water depth and is the largest inland lake in East Friesland.Pedal boat and canoe tours are just as inviting as canal trips, which do not require a boat license.Known under the motto “Paddle & Pedal”, the desired equipment can be rented here.


Ostfriesland is a paradise for cyclists.There are a number of designated tours that can also be easily mastered by “amateurs”.We would be happy to provide you with a cycling tour map (price: €1.00) to help you find the right path.

VW plant in Emden (38 km)

The plant was created in the heyday of German Beetle exports: the foundation stone was laid in March 1964.Just nine months later, the first cars rolled off the assembly line.By 1978, Emden produced 2.36 million units.The plant has been the production site for the Volkswagen Passat sedan and the VW Passat Variant since 1978.Currently, 1,200 sedans and estates are built every working day.