Interesting facts about holidays on the North Sea, north, north dike in Ostfriesland

Put together for you by Pension Strandkorb

The following article informs you about the North Sea, the port city of Norden and its Norddeich district.

He reports on the possibility of creating varied holidays here, where relaxation and adventure are very important.You should know that Norden and Norddeich have a wide range of hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes and holiday apartments.

One of these pensions is specially presented to you here.This is Pension Strandkorb.And that has it’s reason.Because the owners of the Pension Strandkorb, Doreen and Bernhard Dülm, have put together interesting facts about the North Sea, Norden and Norddeich for you.

We hope that these will help you to make a safe decision when choosing your next holiday home.

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  • Why do so many holidaymakers come to the North Sea year after year?
  • What makes a holiday in Norden/Norddeich so appealing?
  • The offer of the pension Strandkorb from Norddeich

Why do so many holidaymakers come to the North Sea year after year?

Allow us to answer this question with a counter-question:

Do you long for more balance of body, mind and soul?See, so do others.And you can find them on the North Sea …even all year round.

That is the reason why so many people like to spend their holidays at the North Sea again and again.They love the interplay of ebb and flow.They appreciate the far-reaching view of the horizon, the revitalization of the water …hiking through the mud flats.Parents enjoy watching their children build castles or compete with them on the beach.Isn’t it nice to simply let your soul dangle comfortably in a beach chair in the wind?Not to forget the exercise in the fresh air of the North Sea.

The stimulating climate of the North Sea is not only beneficial for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.The iodine-rich and pollen-poor North Sea air is good for everyone.This is especially true for ‘kids of the big city’, whose lungs and bronchi are not exposed to the usual fine dust pollution on the North Sea.The North Sea and North Sea air, combined with a wide range of design options, offer: freshness, nature, peace, experience, enjoyment, relaxation, exactly what the body needs at least once a year to regain its full vitality.And because your body also needs this break to recharge its batteries, we recommend a holiday on the North Sea.Maybe even in the beach chair pension.

In the next but one chapter you will learn more about what the Pension Strandkorb in Norddeich has to offer.If you want to read something about the Pension Strandkorb right away, just skip the next paragraph.

What makes a holiday in Norden/Norddeich so appealing?

Together, the north and north dike offer their guests many opportunities to relax and unwind, but also to experience.

Interesting and informative about the city of Norden and Norddeich

About the location itself: Norddeich is a district of the city of Norden in north-west East Friesland directly on the North Sea coast.It is bordered in the north by the Wadden Sea, in the east by the Norder district of Ostermarsch and in the west by the district of Westermarsch II.

The importance of the Norddeich port

The port of Norddeich is of great importance for the entire region.The North Sea islands of Juist and Norderney are supplied from Norddeicher Hafen.The airfield at Norden-Norddeich also serves this purpose.

The train connection from Norddeich

The long-distance platform Norddeich Mole is located directly at the ferry docks.RegionalExpress and InterCity trains start from Norddeich Mole on two routes.One runs via Emden, Leer, Oldenburg Hbf and Bremen Hbf to Hannover Hbf, and as an IC to Leipzig Hbf or Berlin Hbf and Cottbus.The other runs via Emden, Leer and Rheine to Münster, and then as an IC via Düsseldorf Hbf and Köln Hbf to Luxembourg or Zurich Hbf.

The history about the city of Norden

The city of Norden celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2005.It was mentioned in a document on April 21, 1255 as a coastal town.

  • In 1813 a coastal bathing resort was mentioned for the first time in the community of Lintelermarsch.
  • 1927 25.000 Guests
  • 1960 50.000 overnight stays
  • 1969 Rinsing of an 80,000 square meter sandy beach
  • In 1972, Lintelermarsch was incorporated into the city of Norden
  • In 1979, Norddeich received the title: “State-recognized North Sea resort”
  • 1992 Inauguration of the National Park Center
  • 2003 Completion of the seawater adventure pool ‘OceanWave’
  • In 2009 the Wadden Sea was recognized as a natural world heritage site
  • In 2011, Norddeich received the title: “State-approved North Sea health resort”

Today, Norddeich registers well over a million overnight stays per season.

Radio Technology Museum North

Surely more people know the name Norddeich than the name Norden.Because many associate the name Norddeich with the legendary coastal radio station “Norddeich Radio”, which for many years was the only connection between people at sea and those on land.“Norddeich Radio” was inaugurated in 1907 and closed at the end of 1998.In the radio technology museum in the north, radio amateurs and former employees exhibit the communication systems they used in the past.

The wave park “OceanWave” in Norddeich

It’s not far from radio technology to a merry bathing experience in the “OceanWave” adventure pool, because the size of the north and north dikes is manageable.

The wave park “OceanWave”‘ has a lot to offer its visitors and invites you to join in with its wide range.Even the daily offer to have fun on or in the water offers young and old plenty of variety and leaves no room for boredom.

It doesn’t have to be the special events where “OceanWave” is the focus, e.g. the Halloween party where the bathroom is transformed into a spooky, spooky and mysterious world of experience once a year.Anyone who wants to have fun can join in.

This also applies to the Norddeicher slide championship, which is held annually on the large slide in the “OceanWave” adventure pool.The aim is to slide down the Norddeicher slide in the fastest time while lying on your back or sitting down.Boys, girls and adults have three tries to qualify for the top ten riders final.Creaming or greasing is not allowed.

Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park

So that you can find out about the uniqueness of this habitat about the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park as a natural world heritage site,you will be offered the following program:

  • a permanent exhibition about the Wadden Sea and its inhabitants
  • changing special exhibitions on various topics of the national park
  • Aquarium
  • Films, slides and lectures on special topics
  • Guided tours in the National Park House
  • Exhibition quizzes and interactive games.

Seal sanctuary and research station Norden-Norddeich

with complete skeletons of harbor porpoise, Phocoena phocoena, white-beaked dolphin, Lagenorhynchus albirostris and (sperm whale, Physeter macrocephalus) in preparation.

These are the missions of the station, which you can learn more about when you visit: rearing orphaned and sick seals and other marine mammals, seal censuses and seal population monitoring, releasing and tagging the reared seals, ecology of seals and other marine mammals, collecting all availableData about the seal and its habitat, dissections of seals and other marine mammals with further special examinations, carrying out research assignments, behavioral studies, cooperation with domestic and foreign breeding stations and other institutions and much more.

The Waloseum

Many questions are answered in the Whale Museum, e.g.: How does a whale get into the Wadden Sea?how did he liveThe whale experience center, which is only a few kilometers away from the seal station, investigates these questions.There you go on a tour of discovery into the realm of whales and dolphins.In the Whale Museum practically all senses are addressed: How do whale songs sound?What does ambergris smell like?Watch exciting films about the life of the sperm whale.

And suddenly what was previously a mystery becomes clear: the similarities between the mammals, the adaptation of the sperm whale to its underwater world, its unique diving behavior, global migrations, the dangers of stranding and much more.

Norddeich Kite Festival

The Norddeich kite and wind chime festival breaks all records.In mid-May, a weekend is always devoted to kites.Then funny and colorful structures can be seen on Norddeicher Grünstrand.They tumble and fly playfully in the sky and inspire the many visitors.

At the Norddeicher Kite Festival, kite flyers from Germany and abroad meet in Norddeich to fly their kites, present them or try out the latest creations.Large kites, huge windmills up to 16 m in diameter, comic figures, Chinese kites, fantasy creations and much more will be on display.

After a holiday in Norddeich, you might be one of those who say:

It was very nice up north.We particularly liked Norddeich.We have seen and experienced a lot.We have recovered splendidly.We would like to bestayed another week.Next year we will go there again.

The Guesthouse Pension Strandkorb

The Pension Strandkorb is one of the youngest pensions in Norddeich and is the first house in the area to be awarded 3 stars.

The pension was completed in January 2007.Twelve double rooms and one single room are equipped with contemporary bathrooms and a Mediterranean ambience.

A modern, contemporary house awaits the guests, which here and there clearly exceeds the general standard.Some guests also refer to the house as a hotel beach chair.The following service awaits the guests.

It doesn’t matter whether they are booking a holiday lasting several weeks or just planning a short holiday over a long weekend.

So if you want to spend a relaxing holiday on the North Sea and are looking for a few things such as modern furnishings, contemporary bathrooms with special attention to cleanliness, a varied breakfast, a garden with a lawn and a parking lot at the house, then you have found your accommodationFound: the beach chair guest house in Norddeich in East Friesland.

  • Rooms with telephone
  • Free calls to landlines
  • TVs in the rooms
  • Modern inventory in bright rooms
  • Contemporary bathrooms
  • Large garden with lawn
  • Rich breakfast buffet
  • Anti-slip mat (on request) in the shower
  • WiFi in the rooms
  • lending of books
  • Free rental of handcarts
  • Free parkingplaces near the hous, e.t.c.

Pension Strandkorb is located at Itzendorfplate 16 in 26506 Norddeich, just 350 meters from the dike.You can reach the owners Doreen and Bernhard Dülm at kontakt@pension-strandkorb.deor by phone +49 4931 956 79 68 or mobile +49 160 222 55 55 or +49 160 670 55 55
Doreen and Bernhard Dülm wish you a lot of fun and good rest during your stay.Both would of course be happy to look after you personally during your holidays in the Pension Strandkorb.Maybe soon.You decide.

Contact addresses of Norddeich in alphabetical order

North Sea Automobile & Toy MuseumOstermarscher Str. 29 • 26506 North • Telephone +49 4931-91 87 911 • Fax +49 4931-91 87 356

German amateur radio club local branch northIf you are interested in seeing the radio technology museum or even want to support the members of the DARC in their efforts to preserve the museum, you should take a look at Doornkaatlohne 13 in the north.The museum is open to visitors every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.Group tours by +49 4931 12519,

AG Reederei Norden-FrisiaAG Reederei Norden-Frisia is responsible for ferry traffic to the two islands of Norderney and Juist, while the subsidiary FLN FRISIA-Luftverkehr GmbH operates air traffic.In addition to regular services, the shipping company offers excursions and day trips from Norddeich, excursions to the East Frisian Islands, trips to the seal banks, trips to the “Wadden Sea National Park”, excursions to Norderney combined with a bus tour from Norddeich to Greetsiel (by ship there and with thebus back) and charter trips.AG Reederei Norden-Frisia26501 Norden, PO Box 1160, service phone +49 49 31 987-0, fax +49 49 31 987-1131,

National park guide Tamme DirksAm Roten Siel 13,
D-26524 Hage, phone +49 4931 74204,

ocean wavesDörper Weg 22, 26506 Norden-Norddeich, Phone +49 4931-986-200, Fax +49 4931-986-290,

Business enterprises of the city of North GmbHDörper Weg 22, 26506 Norden-Norddeich, Phone +49 4931-986-200, Fax +49 4931-986-290,

Seal sanctuary and research stationDörper Weg 22, 26506 Norden-Norddeich, info telephone: +49 4931-8919, opening times: open all year round,


Literature about the city of Norden

A recommendation for locals and visitors.Here we would like to introduce you to some interesting books about the city of Norden.The works are available in every bookstore.

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